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In this article we are reviewing the equipment needed to practice Arial Yoga and the best yoga swings on the market ,Never heard of it? Well its yoga but on a whole new level and I mean that literally.

Think yoga poses while floating in the air while fabric holds you up.

Too difficult? Don’t let the challenge put you off. Aerial yoga is aimed to accommodate all kinds of people.

This innovative type of Yoga was started in New York by Christopher Harrison.

Drawing from his experience as an acrobatic dancer he skill fully unites:

  • Dance
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • A hammock

It doesn’t matter what your body type or fitness level is. You will find safe exercises ranging from slow controlled movements going into more advanced routines. 

And if you’ve never tried out yoga before you will absolutely enjoy the tranquilizing effect some of the poses will have on your body.

Carving out a space of time to restore your body is a necessity in our busy lifestyles. So, take time out and give your body the treatment it deserves.

Let us help you find the product which will best suit your needs. 

Finding the right equipment can be a challenge.

We have selected five of the best products on the market right now to help you decide:

What You Need To Know About Yoga

Aerial Yoga Sw​​​​ing

The idea of an aerial yoga swing originated as an add-on product for a yoga self-help manual.

It was designed for those who enjoy exercising in the privacy of their homes without instructors.

It’s made from a nylon fabric which is also used for parachutes. It has a silk like smoothness which slows down the motion of your body through the atmosphere.

You will find the fabric is remarkably tough and quite resistant to tearing or ripping.

This is because extra threading is used in nylon to make a solid pattern of tiny squares. So if a tear does happen it won’t become bigger because the square pattern will keep it contained.

This is why you can feel absolutely safe floating above the ground.

The aerial yoga swing has handgrips. This will help you with muscle extending and firming workouts and even inversions for when you feel brave.

The handles are handy for getting in and out of the swing and to lift yourself upwards without any assistance.

They also offer great support for moving comfortably in and out of poses.

Below is video to help you understand the basics.

Aerial Yoga Hammock

An Aerial Hammock is a central part to the aerial yoga concept.

It was created to be used in conjunction with the aid of a qualified yoga instructor.

The hammock works as a swaying mechanism which offers protection for your hips as you move into different positions above ground.

As you attempt a forward bend or a back bend, the hammock will help to reduce the strain on your body. An aerial yoga hammock will also bring diversity to your workout routine.

Positions which seemed previously impossible on a yoga mat are now attainable trying it above the ground.

Aerial yoga hammock material

An Aerial Yoga Hammock is made from an artificial fabric with a slick and lustrous texture so it won’t cause any irritation to your skin.

In fact you’ll love the elegant feeling against your skin while working out.

Artificial fabric is often reinforced with organic and inorganic ingredients making it exceptionally strong and trustworthy for aerial yoga movements.

The hammock is hung from the ceiling and will run almost to the floor. This excess fabric is to provide you with plenty of room to play around.

While you’re hanging up in the air, you’re able to adjust poses making them easier or difficult according to your preferences.

You will find the hammock material is quite versatile and flexible to help with natural spine traction giving you maximum muscle health and extension.

Because they’re lightweight and easy to install these are great to take on vacation so you can keep on doing your sessions.

Aerial Yoga Stand/Trapeze Frame

You could invest in an Aerial Yoga Stand. It has a solid metal frame ensuring utmost safety as you move in and out of poses.

The stand can be quite bulky so finding space to set it up can be a challenge.

But it only takes ten minutes to set up an aerial yoga stand so it’s possible to do it on the beach before a swim.

Aerial Yoga Setup

The installing phase is what puts off a lot of people because they think there’s going to be a lot of work involved.

Ironically aerial hammocks and swings are designed for easy set up especially since they can be mounted anywhere.

A good place to start is to examine your home.

Bear in mind your chosen spot should have a five feet distance around the entire unit to avoid accidentally crashing into anything and causing injury.

Setting Up on The Ceiling

Ceiling Beams

If the beams are too thin they might not be sturdy enough to hold up weight of the aerial hammock or swing.

Ceiling Height

An aerial yoga hammock is about just under 10 ft. long and 7 ft. wide.

So it’s recommended your ceiling will need to be at least 9 ft. high.

Another option for height set up is to measure your height and adding one extra foot.

Also note if your ceiling is much higher you can always switch to extended ropes as long as the aerial hammock or swing is still able to reach down to your hip.

Ceiling Hooks

The recommended ceiling hooks or lag nuts won’t always be provided with the product.

Sometimes the recommended fasteners for the product won’t suit your ceiling beam structure. 

The best thing to do is to first examine your ceiling structure before buying mounting hardware.

Improving Ceiling Flexibility

How you choose to mount up your aerial yoga swing or hammock will make a difference on how much mobility and freedom you will have in poses.

If you choose to place it across a number of ceiling beams this might restrict your movement compared to putting it along the length of only one beam.

Setting Up in a Rental ​​​​Home

If you’re in a rental home finding an option you could try out is a free standing pull up bar.

They easily set up anywhere as long as you find the suitable size.

Setting Up on the Doorframe

With your doorframe you have two options:

  • A frame which will slot directly into your doorframe
  • One mounted onto the doorframe
  • List Element

If it can detach it has the benefit of not requiring screws but ensure it’s sturdy enough to hold you up.

Here’s a tip: Your movements are restricted using only the length of a doorframe compared to a wider ceiling space or an Aerial Yoga stand.


You may wonder if it’s actually possible to do regular yoga poses in the air.

You’ll be surprised how this approach can actually enhance some poses.

Let’s look at a few.

Downward Facing Dog

  • Stand facing the aerial yoga swing or hammock
  • Place the fabric against your hips
  • Bend forward from the hips and lean your torso downward.The fabric should be stable
  • Walk forward and try to get your heels are onto the floor
  •  Stretch out your arms forward and place on the ground
  • Your aim is to get into a perfect V shape with your body

​Full Plank or Chaturanga Dandasana

Put both your feet into the Aerial Yoga Swing or Hammock. Make sure your hands are on the floor directly under your shoulders.

Keep your hips at shoulder height level and keep your core muscles engaged

Your head must be down for optimum effect

Inverted Back Bend 

  • Stand with your back facing the hammock and lean backwards
  • Place your elbows into the hammock and push downwards until you’re in a seated position
  • Start dropping your chest backwards while moving your hands further up the fabric
  • Your goal is to extend your arms all the way down to the floor
  •  Stretch out your arms forward and place on the ground
  • Your aim is to get into a perfect V shape with your body


One reason why aerial yoga is such a craze at the moment is because it’s crammed full of health benefits.

There isn’t enough clinical research done but many subjective stories point to the following as health paybacks from yoga poses and aerial yoga poses.

A Total Body Workout

As every part of your body is required to move and stretch your muscles will get naturally toned and redefined.

In addition all joints are redeveloped and strengthened.

Increased Suppleness

Practicing aerial yoga gives your body more freedom of movement compared to yoga on a mat.

You can now move your body into positions you haven’t tried before. This means deeper and more fulfilling stretches can happen as you’re able to hold poses for longer periods.

 This will increase your mobility and deepen your practice.

Spine Alignment Expansion

We spend too much time sitting at a desk or in our cars and end up with back pain.

Aerial yoga allows your body to hang freely allowing your spine column to extend naturally. 

This reduces pressure on it.

Exercising in an aerial yoga swing or hammock places less strain on your back while exercising as it reduces the stress on the spinal cord and hip joint.

Lengthening and Rehabilitating Ligaments and Joints

As gravity works harder on your body it will cause your muscles to work tougher as well.

You will be able to do deeper hip openers and greater back bender stretches.

A consistent routine will strengthen every part of your body making your muscles stronger and less injury prone.

The aerial yoga swing and hammock allow you greater freedom in movement and requiring less effort from you by counteracting gravity suspension in the air.

This will place less tension on your bones and muscles compared to other forms of exercises like boot camp.  

Builds Up Core Strength

You will need to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilize yourself in mid-air.

This will require an intensive abdominal muscle workout. Building core strength will also increase spinal and shoulder flexibility. 

You will notice an improvement in your balance and stability in your everyday life as well.

Improves Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Health

Aerial yoga helps to clears your mind and relieves stress.

This also helps you deal with stress throughout the rest of the day.

You might even notice changes in your blood pressure and cholesterol after practicing aerial yoga for some time.

Aerial yoga can also enhance your creativity which can lead to an improvement in your artistic talent.

Improves Circulatory, Respiratory and Digestive Systems

Stretches and aerial yoga movements can also improve your digestive system by increasing your blood circulation.

This helps with constipation and indigestion symptoms.

Detoxifying your blood circulation system can give you a higher antioxidant level resulting in a tougher immune functionality.

Stronger Upper Body and Legs

Your arms and legs become stronger from supporting your body above the ground.

This enhanced strength gets used in other daily activities such as recovering faster as an athlete after a race.

How to Choose Your Ideal Product

When you’re out shopping you need a checklist. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Choose

  • Look for something which suitably matches your dimensions
  •  Find something which feels great against your skin
  • Think of the kind of exercises you want to try out

Attributes that Differentiate Products

Here are some pointers on what makes something worthwhile:

Good quality fabric he more you invest the less you will have to worry about wear and tear issues.

Weight limitation Look for something which is double your weight and able to be held up by carabineers.

Set up procedure Does the product include everything needed for set up? Is there any mounting hardware included?

Safety precautions One way to test it out is to ask yourself if you’re able to twist your body into a full back bend and hang upside down feeling secure rope connection with this product?

A good swing should be comfortable and safe whether you’re lying horizontal, vertical or upside down.

Portability Does the product come with a good quality bag to transport it? Otherwise the fabric might get damaged.

Adjustability Can the support chains or webbing straps be adjusted to accommodate your height requirements?

Can Aerial Yoga be Dangerous?

When the aerial yoga hammock or swing is only lifted three feet above the ground the risk of injuring yourself is minimal.

But there are some dangers involved if you aren’t prepared well.

Warm up correctly before trying an inversion to prevent light headedness or motion sickness.

Having lots of water and a light meal will also help.

Wear comfortable clothing but not too loose fitting so it doesn’t interfere with the equipment.

Check out this Complete Buyers Guide to the Best Yoga Pants

Note that slippery fabric will cause you to slide out of pose.

Avoid wearing jewelry as this could create tears or holes in your fabric.

Please note that flips and inversions can be dangerous if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Chronic spinal issues
  • Glaucoma
  • Physical abnormalities and eye disease
  • Pregnancies
  • Osteoporosis
  • Vertigo
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • It’s also wise to give this exercising a break after you’ve had surgery.

But once you’re ready to start, which of these will you choose?

Aerial Y​​​​oga Gear Reviews

#1 Yogabody Yoga Trapeze- Yoga Swing/Sing/Inversion Tool, Purple with Free DVD


This is a great product to use for back and core strengthening. Muscles around your spine can be strengthened and relaxed naturally by hanging freely upside down on a Yogabody Yoga Trapeze.

It may feel more like playing than actually exercising since hanging on a Yogabody Yoga Trapeze feels like so much fun.

Instructional videos are also available to guide you in how to use the hammock for a maximum workout.

If finding time to exercise every day is a challenge this is a great way to do it right within the comfort of your home.

This product also comes with an incredible 10-year parts guarantee.


  • Fabric can be washed in the machine
  • Comfortable hold rubber handles
  • 600 lb. weight capacity
  • Eight to four feet height modifiable ropes provided
  • On par with those in professional studios


  • Limited color options.
  • Faulty handle has been reported
  • Mounting hardware is not included

#2 Yoga Swing Sling Inversion Tool


Visiting an aerial yoga studio can be a fun and dynamic experience. But attending regularly can become costly. Buying a trapeze for regular use could work out much more economical.

This is a nice product to build deep core strength through inverted gravity resistance workouts.

 The fabric is a beautiful pink and grey. It’s a high quality parachute material which has been stress tested up to 600 lbs.

This should leave you confident hanging up there.

You will love how child friendly this trapeze is.

 It accommodates exercises which can be modified and varied to suit different levels.

Kids could learn the benefits of having a healthy stretching routine from a young age.

Doing yoga poses in the air stretches and strengthens your whole body.

This yoga swing can help to improve your level of flexibility and build up strength in your upper arms and legs.

Back bends can be attempted in a safe and easy manner by leaning backwards and grabbing your ankles.

This is a great product to try out in the park on a nice summer’s day.

You could even attach it to some monkey bars.

Note that it requires patience to learn the exercises in the videos but basic poses are achievable.


  • Drawstring carrying bag
  • Easy setup
  • Well-made construction
  • User friendly product
  • Carabineers on sling and handles provided


  • Faulty DVD reported by consumers
  • Won’t work in a doorway

#3 Healthy Model Life Silk Aerial Yoga Swing and Hammock Kit


If you’re looking for a relaxing workout after a long hard day you will absolutely love this yoga swing.

It provides a luxurious elegance and grace to your aerial yoga routine.

The stretchy silk fabric can fit along your whole body giving you a feeling of impressive control during every pose.

An installation video as well as an aerial yoga class is provided when you purchase this product. Start your training with some momentum.

There are no handles on this one causing your muscles to become even more alert and engaged during workouts.

Sit ups and leg lifts will feel easier on the hammock compared to using a yoga mat on the ground.

This is a great product for pull ups and building up your wrist strength.

Transitions from one pose to another will feel more achievable with this holding you up and you’ll even hold poses for much longer.


  • Silk fabric and sway relieve everyday tension
  • Great color 
  • Ready to hang on arrival 
  • Product can be used every day 
  • Remarkable quality for a portable hammock 
  • Clips on the daisy chain are quite sturdy 
  • Can be used by children 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Easy to adjust 


  • Too short and narrow for traditional aerial hammock work
  • Appropriate hooks not included
  • No instructions regarding silk knots

#4 Aukiee Yoga Swing Hammock Trapeze Sling for Antigravity Yoga Inversion Exercises


An Aukiee Yoga Swing helps you take control of your family’s health.

Kids might not even be aware they are exercising with this product in their home.

This is the sneaky way to get your entire family exercising.

It’s a very child-friendly swing hammock.

It has large comfortable padded foam handles which will work for a small hand to comfortably hold on to.

The swing seat is spacious and triple stitched ensuring a high degree of safety.

Mounting accessories are also included with this product so you don’t need to spend extra money on hardware.

This product will improve your back health significantly with the use of a Yoga Swing.

Pain and stiffness can be reduced by giving your spinal column a chance to decompress and realign by hanging freely.


  • Two multi looped climbers provided
  • Iron clad capacity of 400 lbs. per hanging strap
  • The bag is made from same durable fabric as the swing
  • Made from durable nylon taffeta material T210 
  • It holds weight well
  • Setup is fairly simple 
  • Handles are very robust and built to last
  • Lightweight design
  • Tight fitting


  • Consumers often report that installation video isn’t included
  • Video’s poses are challenges for beginners 

#5 Premium Aerial Silk Fabric Yoga Swing


A Premium Aerial Silk Yoga Swing is a stunning sheer fabric which conforms to your body contour.

The width of fabric is so generous you can grip it as side handles during aerial yoga poses. 

This makes it a great product for beginners as well as trainers.

It’s made from Tricot polyester fabric which feels luxurious on your skin as you transition in and out of poses.

This product will help you improve your overall flexibility in all poses.

You will notice significant improvement in your balance as you practice deep back bends and forward bends.


  • Can encompass an entire body for Savasana pose
  • Can encompass an entire body for Savasana pose
  • Two straps are great for taking it places such as park
  • Can be installed 11 ft. high


  • The mounting rig is purchased separately


Aerial yoga is good for your soul as well as your body.

 It builds you up internally and externally as you take time out to invest in yourself after a hard day.

Are you ready to start doing this more?

There are so many wonderful tools out there to help you accomplish this.

What is our favorite? The Aukiee Yoga Swing Hammock Trapeze Sling is by far the winner.



We love that you can pull on the handles and lean into a back lift and how you can also use it for a lotus position.

Now go find out what pose you enjoy doing in your aerial yoga swing.

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