Best Meditation Chair – Made For Comfort

Best Meditation Chair

One of the most common misconceptions around is yoga is all about complex body movements and odd stretches which make the idea of yoga chairs sound strange. What if I told you meditation chairs not only help deepen flexibility but strengthen personal body awareness as well? Did you know yoga routines vary with intensity from physically demanding … Read more

Best Meditation Books For Beginners

Best Meditation Books

   Starting a new hobby is always exciting. If you’re new to meditation you probably feel the same way. You’ll want to get as much information as possible on the subject. From researching online to watching YouTube videos, there are many ways to learn about your new journey to leading a stress free and happier life. Traditional sources for instance … Read more

Best Meditation Cushion – Zen In Comfort

Meditation Cushion

 It’s no secret the wonders meditation can do to your body and soul. From reducing stress to improving your sleep, a good session will positively impact your general well-being. In order to reap these benefits, you need to be seated in the correct position during your session. And that means using the correct props: a meditation cushion being … Read more

Yoga Pants Vs Yoga Leggings – What’s The Differance?

Yoga Pants vs Yoga Leggings

If you’re a regular to yoga you’ll know that yoga clothing plays a huge role in your comfort while exercising. Every yogi has their own preference when it comes to donning their favorite yoga attire. What’s yours? Yoga Pants vs.Yoga Leggings? While these terms are often used interchangeably, are they really the same? Most importantly … Read more

Bikram Yoga Clothes – The Heat Is On

Are you stressed out with your busy lifestyle? Yoga might just be the answer to have you relaxed and in a Zen-like state before you can say ‘namaste.’ Yoga has taken the world by storm in recent years and understandably so considering the many health benefits it has to offer. These include stress relief, flexibility, strength and balance … Read more

Hot Yoga Poses – Bikram Movement For A Better Life

Hot yoga Poses

Do you desire to reach nirvana? If so you’ll understand why yoga isn’t just an ordinary workout routine. Not only will you attain that dream body but it comes with interesting benefits including a well-balanced state of mind, proper body alignment, plus improved general health. Throw weight loss into the mix and that’s enough to … Read more

Yoga Burn Vs The Biggest Loser

yoga burn vs the biggest loser weight loss programs

Yoga Burn vs. Biggest Loser, which is better? Sure, they both have one common goal —weight loss. But does that mean they’re the same? In the 21st century there are a lot of effective techniques at your disposal to help you lose weight. But in your quest to get that dream body, which lengths will you … Read more

Best Yoga Blanket – Rest And Recovery Pose

Best Yoga Blanket

If you’re new to yoga, you might be wondering why you need a Yoga blanket. No it’s not for curling up to take a quick nap when you’re tired! Any avid yoga lover will tell you the importance of buying the best yoga blankets is to ensure you’re comfortable during your session. Whether you use it to provide … Read more

Best Yoga Shoes – Hit The Mat With Comfort


Comfort and yoga go hand in hand (or at least it should). After all those stretches and poses, the last thing you need are shoes that’ll leave your feet tingling with pain. Selecting the correct pair of yoga shoes will make the difference between an enjoyable yoga session and an uncomfortable one. That makes choosing a pair of … Read more