Best Meditation Cushion ? Zen In Comfort

It’s no secret the wonders meditation can do to your body and soul. From reducing stress to improving your sleep, a good session will positively impact your general well-being. In order to reap these benefits, you need to be seated in the correct position during your session. And that means using the correct props: a … Read More

Best Meditation Books For Beginners

Starting a new hobby is always exciting. If you’re new to meditation you probably feel the same way. You’ll want to get as much information as possible on the subject. From researching online to watching YouTube videos, there are many ways to learn about your new journey to leading a stress free and happier life. … Read More

Best Meditation Chair ? Made For Comfort

One of the most common misconceptions around is yoga is all about complex body movements and odd stretches which make the idea of yoga chairs sound strange. What if I told you meditation chairs not only help deepen flexibility but strengthen personal body awareness as well? Did you know yoga routines vary with intensity from … Read More