Best Yoga Pants

Do you enjoy yoga as a workout?

 If you do you’ll know that the most important part before you start is to feel and look comfortable in your clothes while doing all the different stretches and poses.

If you’re new to yoga this guide will be a great place to start your journey so you feel great from day one.

We’ve created a list of the best yoga pants to help you select the right one for you.

Buying Advice

Yoga has become more than just a workout over the past few years.

This very popular activity is one of the hottest trends in the health and fitness industry and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Did you know that June 21 is International Yoga Day?

People all over the world will be dressed in their favorite yoga pants from bold prints and colors to plain comfortable leggings.

But this is not the only time you’ll see these outfits on the street.

 Women wear yoga pants outside of the gym as a fashion statement.

This is one of the reasons why getting the right pair of yoga pants is so important.

Here are some basic do’s and don’ts when wearing your yoga pants.

If you’re looking to buy yoga pants to actually, you know, practice yoga in them, then your best option is to pick pants with features that will be useful for you once you unfold your mat. 

Several yoga instructors listed what they search for when choosing yoga pants, including material that wicks moisture, pants that stretch and are durable. Other features to keep in mind are:

  • Fabric with either low cotton or no cotton to lessen that sweaty smell
  • Gusseted crotch for the option of going without underwear
  • Compression fabric to decrease muscle fatigue
  • Smooth waistband for added comfort


The sheer test Yoga pants allow flexibility and easy movement but can leave you showing off more than you bargained for.

Stretch and pull the leggings or pants under bright light to see if it’ll be see through when you’re stretching and moving around.

Size Select the right size yoga pants. Yoga pants that are too tight will feel and look uncomfortable.

Yoga pants that are too big will slide off during your workout and cause distraction.

Make sure you select a tight yet comfortable pair of yoga pants so you can move freely and comfortably.

Let go When you’ve enjoyed the best years out of your yoga pants let them go.

Stretched and washed-out yoga leggings defeat the purpose of wearing them, so make sure you replace your lovely old pair of yoga pants with a new fresh pair if necessary.

Be fashion wise Although yoga pants are accepted almost anywhere these days as appropriate clothes, your workplace isn’t one of them.

Don’t expect your boss or clients to love your yoga pants as much as you do.

Keep them for your yoga class, shopping spree or lunch with the girls, unless you work in the gym or at home.


Nude colors There’s a difference between neutral and nude colors.

While neutral blacks and greys are very flattering, we can’t say the same about nude.

Nude can create the illusion that you’re not wearing any pants and it shows flaws you don’t even have. Stay clear from nude and rather select a darker brown color.

Wear them twice Even if your workout wasn’t a high tempo sweat breaker, never wear your yoga pants twice without washing them. Bacteria will grow and thrive in your favorite pair of yoga pants, resulting in acne and pimples.

Wear the wrong undies Wearing the right underwear is very important when you’re wearing yoga pants especially if they’re tight.

Tight-fitting underwear can look very unflattering. Look for seamless underwear that’s comfortable but not visible.

Have a look at below video for more tips and advice on wearing yoga pants when you’re out and about.

When it comes to yoga attire for men and women, styles differ and women have more options available such as:

  • Multi-color or one-colored pants
  • High or low waisted pants
  • Thick or thin waisted bands
  • Tight or loose fitting pants
  • Shorter or longer pants
  • Printed or plain leggings
  • Thick or thin fabric

Choosing the Right Pair

We get it. It can be confusing to have all the different options available when you want to buy a pair a yoga pants.

 In fact getting the right pair of yoga pants can be just as challenging as getting into the right posing position.

Where do you start?

 Is it really necessary to wear tight fitting pants? 

What styles work in the yoga class and what styles are seen as taboo? Relax, we’re here to help.

Let’s have a look at some of the factors to consider when you’re investing in a pair of yoga pants.

Comfort Yes there’s a reason why it’s No. 1 on the list.

 If you don’t feel comfortable with the yoga pants you’re wearing you’ll be losing focus and forget the reason you’re wearing them in the first place – to get a good yoga workout.

Comfort equals confidence. When you’re confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll be confident in your workout and in your ability to achieve your goals.

So above all else select a pair of yoga pants that makes you feel amazingly comfortable.

Your Budget There are yoga pants available in almost every price range imaginable.

Although branding and quality will leave you spending a bit more on a pair of yoga pants it’s not always necessary to spend a fortune.

 Some very expensive well-known brands have had terrible reviews regarding the durability or quality of the fabric.

Decide beforehand what you’d like to get out of your yoga pants and how much you’re willing to spend on them.

Try to stick to your initial budget.

You can always spend more on your yoga attire as you get familiar with the available brands and styles.

Crazy Prints Some yoga pants are wild and crazy with clashing colors and prints.

Prints and colors make a statement and are highly fashionable.

When you’re optioning for a multi colored or printed pant there’s a few things to keep in mind:

Color fade Select a good quality brand and fabric to avoid the colors from fading or staining other clothes in your washing machine.

Fashion If you’re getting a pair of high fashion pants, know that it’ll most likely be replaced by a new trend the following season.

Ask yourself if you’re still willing to spend the extra money on the pants even if they go out of fashion in a few months.

Peekaboo Multi colored and printed pants can still be seen through, select a fabric that’s anti-see through or a four way stretch design.

best yoga pants

Let’s “Figure” It Out

Whilst yoga does wonders for your figure and shape, you still want to look and feel good while you’re working out. Follow these “fashion hacks” to look even better in your pair of yoga pants:

Belly Jelly If you’re self-conscious about your abdomen area, look for high-waisted yoga pants.

It’ll cover and flatten your tummy giving you confidence to move around without anything peeking out.

High waisted pants are a great way to hide unwanted muffin tops while still feeling comfortable.

Colors Darker colors such as black, dark grey and dark blue hide cellulite and unwanted excess fat you might have in some areas.

If you’d like to highlight your body you can select a lighter color such as salmon or light blue.

Hug me Some yoga pants offer a hugging effect to accentuate your curves and hips.

This is a great option if you want to flaunt the bum you’ve been working on so hard.

These designs tend to also hide saddle bags or bigger hips.

Prints If you’re thinking of getting printed pants without looking bigger, select vertical lines instead of horizontal stripes.

Those legs If you have short legs you can wear ¾ length pants to give you a taller, leaner appearance.

Health problems Not only will yoga help improve back problems but you can also wear yoga attire to assist in reducing back ache or even thrombosis

There are many yoga pants available that’s made to treat specific health problems and to relieve pain while you’re working out.

High Tech Yoga Pants 

Yoga attire is taking a whole new turn in technology to offer you extremely innovative designs. Let’s look at some of the designs available:

Vibrating pants

Have you heard about the vibrating pants? They improve blood circulation and keep your muscles warm to improve performance and reduce injury.

Bluetooth sensors

If you’re having trouble correcting your pose you’ll love the newest smart yoga pants.

Designed with Bluetooth sensors to help you determine which pose you’re in. 

These pants will then give you feedback on where to correct your pose and strengthen your muscles.

Burn it

If you feel yoga is not enough to burn your calories, why not wear a pair of calorie-burning pants?

These pants come in different styles. 

Some just offer a thermogenic feature while others release metabolic increasing ingredients with every movement.

Cellulite pants

Some yoga pants will disguise your cellulite but it doesn’t stop there.

Yoga pants are now specifically designed to have a long-term effect on your cellulite.

Lymph flow can now be increased with special massaging yoga pants to get rid of toxins that cause cellulite.

 All this is happening while you’re doing your yoga workout.

Check out you complete buyers guide to The Best Yoga Pant To Hide Cellulite

Lift it

You’re probably familiar with pants that give you the appearance of lifted buttocks while wearing it, but yoga + technology is now going even further.

Pants are now designed to permanently give you a bum lift, working on and stimulating muscles to give you a better shaped booty.

Different Yoga Pants for Different Yoga Classes

There are many different forms of yoga classes and you’d want to be dressed appropriately for each of them.

If you’re going to hot yoga classes or doing yoga wheel poses where you’ll be sweating more, it’s advisable to select sweat absorbing, lightweight pants.

Thicker, loser and full length pants work great when you’re going to a class involving more stretching and concentrating on mindfulness more than on burning calories.

 Let’s have a look at some of the other yoga classes available and appropriate pants to wear for each workout:

Hatha yoga Basic yoga with slow movements and long stretches. Looser or warmer pants should be a comfortable option.

Vinyasa yoga Fast-paced yoga using dance moves and breathing exercises.

Wear breathable sweat absorbing yoga pants and knee length or ¾ pants.

Iyengar yoga Slower movements and stretches.

Focusing on mindfulness and body structure. Slightly flared pants or comfortable loser pants will be suitable for this workout.

Ashtanga yoga Yoga for more experienced yogis.

This form of yoga involves intense stretches and postures.

Tight breathable leggings that’ll allow for optimal flexibility will be the best option to wear for this workout. 

Also be sure to wear anti-see through pants.

Prenatal yoga This form of yoga is for women in all trimesters of pregnancy.

Wear the most comfortable pants you can and avoid wearing tight-waisted pants over your tummy.

Keep in mind that pregnancy hormones might cause you to feel extra warm so selecting lightweight breathable pants will keep you cool and dry.

Yoga Pants Review

​1. ODODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants


We love the ODODOS yoga leggings that are available in all different colors and two designs.

Made with four-way stretch fabric, you don’t have to be worried about the pants being see through.

The pants will offer you ultimate flexibility so you can perform to your best abilities.

Flatlock seams will make you feel and look your best while working out.

The fabric is designed to remove moisture from your body so you can stay dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

The ODODOS yoga leggings have an outside pocket to carry your phone or gym card.  

It’s extremely affordable making it the most stylish cheap yoga pants.

You’re also covered by the company’s 100% money-back guarantee policy if you’re not happy with your purchase giving you extra peace of mind when ordering a pair online.


  • Four way stretch design for ultimate flexibility
  • 100% Money back guarantee 
  • Available in different colors
  • The fabric absorbs sweat
  • Extra outside pockets
  • Very affordable
  • Stylish design 
  • Anti-microbial


  • The length might be longer than expected for some consumers

2. Lululemon Align Pant 7/8 Yoga Pants


If you love comfort, you’ll love the Lululemon align 7/8 yoga pants.

It’ll feel and fit like a second skin to allow optimal performance and confidence.

The Nulu fabric used to make these pants will give you a soft and luxurious feel and look.

These pants are high waisted to cover you up with each stretch and movement.

The Lululemon offers you a smart design with the hidden waistband pocket where you can carry your keys or money.


  • Has a hidden waistband pocket
  • Nulu fabric offers a soft feel
  • Can stretch up to 2” bigger
  • Available in different colors 
  • 7/8 length for any season
  • High waisted fit
  • Flattering design
  • Lightweight design
  • Tight fitting


  • According to some consumers the pants can stretch out over time
  • More expensive than some other yoga pants

3. Yogalicious High Rise Yoga Pants


The Yogalicious high-waist yoga pants offers you a nude tech design so you’ll barely feel as if you’re wearing clothes.

These leggings are one of the softest you will ever wear! They exceed the quality especially considering the price point.

The high waistband is adjustable so you can wear it as a low cut design if you feel more comfortable.

The pants are stylish with a reflective logo and numerous colors to select from. 

The hidden pocket in the waistband allows you to safely carry your smartphone around.

These pants are comfortable and affordable.


  • Hidden pocket in waistband for your smartphone
  • Waistband can be adjusted into a lower cut 
  • Available in many different colors 
  • Anti-see through fabric 
  • Tummy-control waistband
  • Fashionable design 
  • Soft fabric


  • The fabric tends to be shinier than on the pictures

4. HDE Women’s Color Block Fold


The perfect pants for women who feel uncomfortable in tight yoga pants.

These pants are still tight around the thigh and hip area with a high waist cut to compliment your curves.

It flares out slightly at the bottom but are still perfect to do all your stretches and poses in.

The cotton allows for a soft touch and feel while still being breathable during your workout.

The HDE fold over yoga pants can be worn even outside of the yoga class.


  • Designed to complement your figure
  • Available in different colors
  • Extremely comfortable fit
  • Soft fabric
  • Affordable


  • The material can become thin and see through after a few washes
  • The fabric won’t absorb sweat

5. Lululemon Flow and Go Crop Yoga Pants


This Lululemon yoga pants offers you a four way stretch design allowing you to workout comfortably without any unnecessary see through moments.

The seamless design will offer you even more comfort and flexibility without any chafing or scratching.

The pants are stylish and lightweight and comes in a beautiful flattering astro-blue color offering something different than the usual black yoga leggings.

The knee length allows for all year round wear.


  • Knee length can be worn during summer and winter
  • Wide waistband ensures a flattering look
  • Seamless pants for extra comfort
  • Four way stretch design
  • Anti-see through
  • High quality
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive compared to other yoga pants available

Our Favorite Pair of Yoga Pants

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants

Let’s face it, there are some pretty great yoga pants out there but we can’t help favoring one specific design above the others.

The ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants Tummy Control won our hearts and our votes.

It offers everything you need in a pair of comfy yoga pants and more.


These pants offer ultimate durability with the four-way stretch design so you’ll be moving around easily.

The lightweight design also absorbs moisture so you’ll be dry and comfortable, even if you’re really breaking a sweat.

The flatlock seems creates a flatter tummy to compliment your body.

It comes in a beautiful stylish design so you can easily go for lunch with your friends after a workout and still look fashionable.

The side pockets are large enough to carry a smartphone but still not bulgy.

The best part about these pants must be the price tag – it’s affordable without compromising on quality.

We highly recommend the ODODOS high-waist yoga pants.

Comfort, luxury, style. These are just a few things you can find in the right pair of yoga pants. Are you ready to select your favorite pair?

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