Yoga Pants Vs Yoga Leggings ? What?s The Differance?

If you’re a regular to yoga you’ll know that yoga clothing plays a huge role in your comfort while exercising.

Every yogi has their own preference when it comes to donning their favorite yoga attire.

What’s yours?

Yoga Pants vs.Yoga Leggings?

While these terms are often used interchangeably, are they really the same?

Most importantly you want is a pair that fits well and allows you to do those stretches with ease.

What’s the Difference?

What are the differences between yoga pants and yoga leggings?

Let’s run through a few.

Yoga Pants Styles

Yoga pants come in a variety of styles from loose fitting sweat pants to flared pants.

One thing they’re not is tight fitting.

If you want a flattering fit without over sharing your figure, have a look at the few options below:

Bootleg Pants

This style has a tapered flare that balances out the curves and looks flattering.

Harem Yoga Pants

These are more flared from top to bottom.

They let a lot of air in and are perfect for meditation purposes.

If however you decide to lift your legs into different poses they might slide upwards which wouldn’t be ideal or comfortable.

Wide-Legged Pants

If you don’t want skin-tight leggings, you can opt for these wide legged pants.

They’re comfortable and can even bring out your sense of style.

Yoga Legging Styles

In terms of style, yoga leggings usually resemble your everyday leggings by being tight and form fitting.

Yoga leggings also come in different styles such as:

Knee Length Leggings

As the name suggests they reach just below the knees and offer flexibility & comfort

Full Length Leggings

These will reach just above your ankles

¾ Leggings

These leggings also known as crop leggings have a 3/4 design to show off those calves

Yoga Pants Design

Yoga pants usually offer more relaxed fits.

Some are tight in the seat and thigh areas but flare at the bottom.

Normally this design runs longer than the yoga leggings.

Full yoga leggings normally end just above your ankles.

If you don’t want to worry about your flared or bootleg pants bunching up, you can opt for pants made of spandex.

The spandex will provide you with just enough compression to keep them in place without being tight and uncomfortable.

Also pick a pair that has a wide waistband to prevent rolling each time you move or bend.

Yoga Legging Design

Yoga leggings come in varying designs from low to high waist, depending on your taste.

If you want to hide that muffin top opt for a pair of high rise set that usually does the trick.

If you want to show off those abs then a low rise design will do you justice.


The yoga pants and leggings are made of different fabrics.

Before deciding between the two, determine what materials they’re made off.

If you’re a diehard legging fan you can opt for those made of nylon.

Even though the pants will hug your body, the material will wick away moisture at the same time.

Whether you buy the leggings or the bootleg make sure the material is light enough for your comfort.

Cotton is always ideal as it’s not as hot as other fabrics.

Leggings or Pants: Which One Offers More Advantages?

Worried your flared leggings will bunch up in a twist when doing your inversions?

Form-fitting leggings are ideal as they’ll remain in place regardless of your stretches.

Why hide that bod? After so much hard work you might want to show off that figure that’s coming along nicely.

Form fitting leggings will allow you to do just that since they hug every curve from your buttocks to your calves.

If that body is still work in progress, wearing tight fitting leggings is still a good thing.


They’ll enable your instructor to see your form and gauge your progress.

This way he or she can decide whether to switch things up a bit or not.

After all progress is what you want right?

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants come with their own advantages if you decide to prioritize comfort over everything else.

They offer more relaxed fits.

If you don’t want to be self-conscious and aren’t yet comfortable to bandage that body in tight fitting yoga leggings, that’s your choice.

They’re also more breathable so you won’t have to cut your workout short due to discomfort.

Yoga pants are also generally easier to wear and remove than yoga leggings.

If this is a priority to you or you prefer a quick change into your yoga attire then pants may be ideal.

Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings though they might be nice and tight, ensure they’re breathable and the right fit.

If they’re too tight say goodbye to a pleasant yoga experience.

You’ll end up feeling sweaty and they cause you to feel hot.

While they may be deemed the most comfortable pants compared to their leggings counterparts they have their shortfalls.

Since the yoga pants usually run long, extra caution needs to be exercised to avoid accidentally stepping on them.

The last thing you need is to topple over while trying to engage in your stretches.

Loose fitting pants may not be ideal for yoga if you plan on doing inverted poses.

Yoga leggings would be more ideal as you can engage in any pose with ease.

Final Words

Whichever pair you decide on should ensure you have ease of movement.

After all that’s the whole point right?

Yoga is hard enough without having your pants work against you.

After all is said and done, the decision is ultimately yours.

What’s important to you? Is it comfort, style, flexibility or all three?

Choose a pair that’ll make you feel good and boost your confidence before you even walk into that yoga class.

And always make sure they’re a good fit and are breathable.

If you’re like me you might want a pair that is versatile – one you can use not only for yoga but also around the house or even wearing for lunch with your girlfriends.

So try to choose a pair that matches your personality while taking your yoga to the next level.

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