Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners ? The Introduction Guide

Whenever you finally get the motivation to get in shape–whether it is for yourself, someone you love, or reasons that have nothing to do with people–one of the more difficult choices to make is which type of exercise to incorporate as part of a complete weight loss program.

This choice will often come down to what you hope to accomplish and of what you are physically capable–thankfully there is a type of exercise that can both help you lose weight and offers various levels of difficulty for all walks including beginners.

When you consider?weight loss yoga?for beginners, it is important to figure out what exactly you are trying to accomplish to know what to choose in terms of available programs.?

Yoga For Beginners

Explain the complete benefits of yoga and some tips for beginners.

Clearly one of the first things you need to consider when including yoga as part of a weight loss program is the routine which is the sequence of different yoga poses or asanas.

That said, yoga is one of the best forms of exercise specifically because it offers such a wide range of techniques and poses that each routine can be specialized to the individual practicing it and can even be tailored for different effects–depending on whether or not you concur with the Ayurvedic philosophy

Regardless, a beginner yoga routine is a far different thing than a yoga routine practiced by a master, so it is a good idea to look at what makes yoga such a good exercise for losing weight in the first place.

yoga weight loss

Weight Loss – Rather than bury the lead with a “save the best for last” mentality, the whole reason you are here is to know the weight loss benefits of yoga.

While there are a few, the most important one to remember is that yoga triggers a thermogenic reaction in your body and increases your basal body temperature.

Granted, you need to practice yoga consistently for the effects to extend beyond the workout, but this subtle increase in internal body temperature ultimately increases your metabolism–and this effect can be triggered even by a consistent practice with a beginner’s yoga routine.

Of course, other weight loss benefits include the building and toning of muscle which further increases the metabolism and makes the soft tissues stronger.

Soft Tissues – Easily the most obvious and immediate benefit, yoga affects the soft tissues quickly and intensely in a number of ways. 

In fact, it is worth noting that the soft tissues are at the most risk for injury when practicing a pose or routine that too advanced.

Regardless, the benefits that yoga provides the soft tissues are manifold including increasing blood circulation, promoting growth, and replacing scar tissue making the entire structure stronger.

The effects of yoga are so pronounced on the soft tissues that it can even be issued to help delay or even reverse the symptoms of some age-related issues like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Circulatory System – As alluded to earlier, one of the best things about yoga is that it momentarily increases your rate of blood circulation and can even have a more permanent effect when practiced regularly.

For one, the practice of yoga–regardless the level or type, though that can definitely impact the intensity of effect–has a tendency to dilate your blood vessels and allow more blood to flow to your organs and tissues.

On top of that, due to its isometric and low-impact nature, it has a tendency to work the heart harder but in a more manageable manner if proper breathing is incorporated into the routine.

It is also worth noting that this is part of the effect that also provides yoga its best weight loss property.

Equilibrium – One of the more unusual qualities that yoga presents is that it has a tendency to assist the body with equalizing a wide variety of imbalances within the body.

In this regard, it is not clear why the effect occurs as much as there is a noted correlation.

Regardless, there are numerous cycles that can benefit from yoga including sleep cycles, digestive cycles, and even some hormonal cycles.

For instance, yoga has demonstrated to help ease the discomfort of menses while at the same time increasing the rate at which it concludes.

It has also shown to affect the lymphatic system and provide a boost to the body’s immune response.

Peace of Mind – Another great effect that yoga has on you is to help relax your mind as well as your body–and no, this is not based on any religious belief.

Cold, hard science backs these claims as it is shown that practicing yoga will release a number of neurochemicals into your brain that are commonly associated with pleasure and the relief of pain including dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

Like most of the benefits of yoga, they are more pronounced the more consistently you practice, but much like the benefits for soft tissues, the effects on your mind and the state of relaxation can be pronounced and take little time to develop.


Yoga For Fat Loss

Of course, just because you are doing yoga and getting in shape does not mean that you are specializing your practice as a yoga for fat loss routine. Yet again, one of yoga’s many benefits, namely its versatility, comes in handy here as you can easily tailor your yoga routine to provide the best fat loss benefits by maximizing your thermogenic effect. 

Though it is worth noting that this is generally an approach more well-suited for intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners.

Still, even a beginner can find ways of challenging themselves to achieve a better a result depending on the selection of the asanas.

Core – One of the most important things to remember when using yoga as a weight loss exercise is that the core builds the fire.

In real-world terms, strengthening the core with its proximity to your organs will do more to increase your basal body temperature than any other set of poses.

As such, when trying to lose weight with yoga, try to select as many positions that work your core as you can without also over-exerting yourself.

It is worth noting that you will likely progress from some of the other aspects of a beginner’s yoga program for fat loss sooner than others, but this principle will never leave your routine if you continue to prioritize weight loss.

Groundwork – Some of the more advanced yoga practitioners can accomplish feats of balance and strength that verge on the superhuman.

That said, even the intermediate user can often accomplish a handful of challenging upright poses, but the beginner may not yet have a developed enough center of balance nor a physical state that is capable of pulling off more taxing maneuvers.

As such, the various poses that work the core but are also close to the ground and do not require you to stand are likely the best for beginners.

Though, this is not to suggest you cannot incorporate some of the less taxing upright positions and many likely to either begin or end their routine in an upright pose.

Smooth – One thing that sharply distinguishes the eastern practice of yoga from western forms of exercise is the seamless transition from one pose to another–whereas western exercise simply stops sharply before beginning abruptly.

While this may provide an aesthetic appeal to the practice, its primary benefit is the maintaining of stress on the body to prevent the loss of any benefits.

On top of that, using smooth transitions from one pose to another allows the user to further reduce their risk of injury and get the most out of the next pose–often able to stretch further than otherwise.

 For beginners, these transitions should be easy to accomplish allowing you to maybe increase the speed for a slight boost to the weight loss benefits.

Best Yoga Weight Loss Program.Yoga Burn Review

Yoga Weight Loss From Home

Convenience One of the best things about doing yoga from home is that you do not have to travel to a studio and practice your routine in front of a bunch of strangers in a room that may or may not be the most pleasant–not to mention that you likely have little to no control over the climate.

In the comfort of your own home, all of that changes as you can keep the temperature to a setting that is comfortable for you and can certainly ensure no foul odors are present.

Virtually any and every ancillary quality related to your experience of practicing yoga is entirely within your control when you do yoga from home.

The ability to set things up exactly as you want–like being able to do the routine when it best suits you rather than the other way around.

The fact that you do not have to travel should be good enough alone for some people–especially if you live in a metropolitan area–to consider.

Price Another great thing about beginner’s yoga from home is that it allows you get a taste of what doing yoga feels like for you without having to commit potentially expensive monthly memberships and fees as well equipment or other auxiliary goods and services.

Suffice to say, it is entirely possible to practice yoga in your home at no cost which as great selling point.

There are plenty of free routines that provide beginners a great start–though you will definitely find better quality with professional products.

Though you may be able to remain firm against such solicitations, it does not change the fact that going to a yoga studio almost inherently accepts the fact that the instructor will attempt to sell you something–often goods or services which are technically unrelated to yoga directly.

Comfort – Another thing that can dissuade potential yoga practitioners from trying it out is the discomfort of having to practice in front of people.

Everyone just wants an easy yoga for weight loss program that does not put them out of their comfort zone.

Thankfully, doing yoga from home either from an online instructional or a professional program designed by a yoga instructor, allows you to get a similar kind of instruction that you would receive in a studio without having to worry about catching up to speed with your peers.

Of course, it should almost go without saying that the ability to practice yoga in whatever you want is also a great selling point for those who are not as comfortable with extremely tight clothing.

Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray Cotton

If you have not yet figured it out by now, we believe that doing yoga from home is a great way for beginners to lose weight, but there is definitely some disagreement out there about how a beginner should go about doing that.

Personally, we believe that Zoe Bray Cotton’s program ‘Yoga Burn’ is by far the best beginner yoga routine that we saw which provides numerous benefits both for the beginner quality as well as for the weight loss portion of the requirements.

Focused By far one of the biggest factors to get right when trying to do yoga for fat loss is ensuring that all of the poses and transitions are designed to maximize the weight loss benefits that the routine provides.

Thankfully, Zoe Bray Cotton understands the science behind the thermogenic effect of doing yoga and is able to string together the different maneuvers into routines that maximize working out the core while still being appropriate for a beginner.

While the intermediate and advanced levels of Yoga Burn will really target this effect and provide some of the more refined, final results–like toned definition–the inclusion of a focused yoga program designed to burn fat will have some of its most dramatic impact on beginners who will likely note an increase in energy levels.

Specialized – To break it down further, Zoe Bray Cotton has even taken her focused weight loss program to offer a wide variety of different yoga routines that are all subtle takes on the original program with changes made to accentuate a quality or cater to a specific need.

As such, there are not only yoga programs for beginners within the Yoga Burn catalog but there are yoga programs for virtually every major niche including for a morning workout, for pregnant women, and for those looking to kick it up a notch.

Basically, whatever type of program you find you need to best serve you, the Yoga Burn catalog has something to meet those needs as you grow within your abilities and practice.

Progressive Every yoga workout for weight loss needs to challenge the user, but the longer you do a specific exercise routine, the better your body adapts to that routine, and the easier that routine becomes until it is not only less effective but mind-numbingly boring as well.

As such, you may feel most comfortable beginning with Yoga Burn’s beginner program, but you can rest assured that the program can grow and expand right alongside you with increasing levels of difficulty that will not only help you achieve greater weight loss goals but keep you entertained and pushing yourself to the next level as well.

Holistic It is important to distinguish between the holistic benefits that yoga itself can provide and the holistic benefits that Yoga Burn can provide as neither Zoe Bray Cotton nor the Yoga Burn brand promote any of the religious beliefs that can be associated with yoga.

Instead, this instance of holism is meant to describe more the secondary physical tasks that we all too often overlook that greatly impact the performance of our exercise.

For instance, breathing is something that we take for granted due to its involuntary nature, but when exercising it is all the more important to control your breathing–something that Cotton guides the user through during the workout.


In the end, even a beginner yoga program will still require work and effort and the dream of easy yoga for weight loss must be replaced with understanding and proper expectation.

While yoga may not test you the same way that running a few miles might, it is not without its own effort and toll.

Thankfully, yoga is one of the few complete exercise programs that does not require a great deal of space or much, if any, specialized equipment.

Still, that does not mean it is a good idea to go into yoga without any guidance–though if you want to do yoga from the comfort of your own home you will need a virtual instructor.

While there are plenty of free options available online, there is often little way to verify the creator’s credentials not to mention they are not necessarily focused or designed to provide specific benefits or cater to specific needs.

That is why we think that Zoe Bray Cotton’s ‘Yoga Burn” program is a great option for beginners as she will not only work you slowly into practicing yoga but will also ensure that you get the most weight loss benefits that you can.


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