Yoga Burn Vs The Biggest Loser

Yoga Burn vs.? Biggest Loser, which is better?

Sure, they both have one common goal —weight loss. But does that mean they’re the same?

In the 21st century there are a lot of effective techniques at your disposal to help you lose weight.

But in your quest to get that dream body, which lengths will you go to attain it?

Let’s discuss two methods and you can take your pick.

What is Biggest Loser?

When you hear the term “biggest loser,” I’m sure the popular weight loss TV series comes to mind.

But what exactly does this concept entail?

Basically the main goal of the persons involved is to lose the highest percentage of body weight.

This ultimately makes them the “biggest loser” where losing weight is concerned.

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a digital body shaping program which you can access on your mobile or laptop.

It allows you to lose weight in a systematic manner depending on your fitness level.

With yoga burn programs a concept called dynamic sequencing is used.

This program teaches you how to properly perform each exercise.

As soon as your body gets used to that particular routine, the challenge is increased to a more intense routine.

Now that we have a general of what the two are let’s discuss their similarities and differences.

Yoga Burn


Yoga Burn basically comprises a three-phase program which has the following stages.

Phase 1- Foundational Flow

This phase teaches you about the foundation of yoga by learning how to build a strong mind body connection while preparing your muscles for the next phase.

Phase2 – Transitional Flow

This phase teaches you how to combine the moves you learned in the first phase into a smooth flow that’ll get your heart rate up.

This will result in burning more calories.

Phase 3—Mastery Flow

In this phase you switch things up a bit by combining all poses learnt in previous phases in repetitive motion.

This phase is designed to get the most done in the shortest possible time to quickly reach your weight loss goal.

Biggest Loser

If you plan on going the Biggest Loser route, be prepared for intense workout sessions.

These exercises include the following:

  •      Jogging
  •      Cycling on a stationary bike
  •      Resistance training
  •      Swimming
  •      Long hikes
  •      Interval training

Some of the forms of exercises in the Biggest Loser may be termed grueling as they may involve flipping tire tractors.

Advantages of the Biggest Loser vs. Yoga Burn

Biggest Loser has the following advantages:

  •      You get physically fit and stronger
  •      Help lower cholesterol
  •      Reduce your blood pressure
  •      Lower chances of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes and certain cancers

In comparison, Yoga Burn is a progressive three-step program that is designed to help you achieve your goal at a steady realistic pace and has the following advantages:

  •      Shape those lean muscles
  •      Re-energize and reinvigorate your mental focus
  •      Natural and healthy approach to weight loss
  •      If it’s too hard, you can modify it to suit your current fitness level

Target Group

Yoga Burn is suitable for women of all fitness levels including pregnant women.

The same can’t be said about Biggest Loser which uses more drastic methods and targets obese people.


Yoga Burn can be practiced in the comfort of your home whereas Biggest Loser aims to take you away from familiar environments.

The aim is to get you as far away as possible from tempting foods and comfortable rituals.

This way it helps you overcome bad eating hab


With Yoga Burn you’re encouraged to complete three 45-minute videos per week.

This means you can do it every other day at a steady pace giving you time to rest in between.

This is designed so you don’t over exert yourself.

You have the liberty to choose the time and day you do the exercises.

In the case of Biggest Loser, be prepared to be exercising possibly for up to four hours a day, six days a week.

The goal here is to let you lose weight in the shortest possib


Yoga Burn has no strict diet plan in place however, eating healthy is encouraged – for example avoiding junk foods and eating food rich in protein, fruits and vegetables.

It doesn’t come with a rigid food timetable.

There are no particular food restrictions or calorie counting.

In a nutshell it’s all about your personal discipline.

In the case of Biggest Loser, you need to follow a strict diet plan.

This consists of a large intake in foods rich in lean protein, low fat dairy, fruits and vegetables.

You have to avoid saturated fats, processed grains and added sugar as well as eat foods high in fiber.

You need to eat small portions frequently.

The idea behind this is to keep your blood sugar and hunger in check.

You must also drink six to eight glasses of water daily and avoid caffeine.

Disadvantages of Yoga Burn vs. Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser has the following disadvantages:

  •      Some of the meal plans may go below 1200 calories per day. This may be unrealistic in terms of meeting your daily nutritional requirements if you don’t take supplements
  •      It involves calorie counting so you need to carry a food journal around to record your daily intakes which can be inconvenient
  •      You’re away from family support
  •      This method is intense and might not be for everyone

Yoga Burn has the following disadvantages:

  •      Being in the comfort of your home requires a certain level of discipline to avoid occasional snacking on the wrong foods
  •      Not having a strict diet plan might be an issue because to lose weight you need both an effective workout routine and a diet plan in place

Final Verdict

After noting the above, which route will you be taking?

Yoga Burn or Biggest Loser?

Yoga Burn may be a safer and realistic option to achieving that dream body compared to the latter.

Biggest loser is characterized by competitive weight loss which may do more harm than good.


It involves extreme workout routines which may ultimately be detrimental to your health.

While it may be effective in some cases, it may be too much for certain people to handle.

You may easily become discouraged if target weight loss isn’t achieved.

This often result in people quitting.

Yoga Burn, on the other hand, comes in varying intensities to match whichever fitness level your body is at any given time.

It also results in a healthier state of mind.

This ultimately makes it a lifesyle rather than a chore you dread every day.

After all why not make healthy living an enjoyable experience as far as possible, right?Categories

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