Best Yoga Blanket – Rest And Recovery Pose

Best Yoga Blanket

If you’re new to yoga, you might be wondering why you need a Yoga blanket. No it’s not for curling up to take a quick nap when you’re tired! Any avid yoga lover will tell you the importance of buying the best yoga blankets is to ensure you’re comfortable during your session. Whether you use it to provide … Read more

Best Yoga Wheel

Best yoga Wheel review blog post

If this is a new term for your vocabulary then you’ve been missing out on some awesome times in your yoga sessions. Yoga wheels can enhance your whole exercise experience. Although it hasn’t been part of yoga since the start, there’s no question that you should have one of these. When used correctly they optimize what you get … Read more

Best Yoga Bolster – The Complete Yogi Buyers Guide

Best Yoga Bolster review blog post

Have you ever thought of using a yoga pillow or bolster but you’re not too sure if it’s worth it?After all you don’t want your new hobby to eat into your budget. What if it’s a waste of money? Important note: Bolsters will never be a waste when it comes to yoga. You want fast … Read more

Best Yoga Mats For Travel

Best Travel Yoga Mat

Why leave your exercise routine at home when you can take it with you during travels? You know you’ll avoid your usual yoga session if you don’t have a comfortable place to do it in, so don’t take the chance to fall out of practice. And have you considered how maintaining your routine will enhance your travels? You … Read more