Is Yoga Burn A Scam?

Yoga burn the battle against the bulge, there are no winners in the war of attrition with a pyrrhic victory as the best possible result.

Of course, that is not going to stop us from doing everything we can to look our best?even if we have to work out butt off in order to achieve the desired results.

One exciting product that may provide an advantage in this regard is a new program by world-famed yoga instructor Zoe Bray Cotton called Yoga Burn.

However, many are wondering whether this program is legit or whether it is truly just a Yoga Burn Scam.

While everyone?s experience is different and your mileage may vary, Y.B seems to have a number of ardent followers who all swear by the program.

Being as it is a technical yoga program, you can expect to see some health benefits as befits the practice in general, but does Yoga Burn actually present you without unique that performs differently than every other yoga program on the market.

As we will see, this custom designed?yoga for?weight loss digital classroom is definitely a well-conceived program that offers a rational explanation for its results, but to know for sure, we will have to dig deeper.

The Truth about Yoga Burn

yoga burn dvd collection
Zoe Bray Cottons yoga burn dvd and digital class room

The best possible result. Of course, that is not going to stop us from doing everything we can to look our best?even if we have to work out butt off in order to achieve the desired results.

That said, there is In the battle against the bulge, there are no winners in the war of attrition with a pyrrhic victory as certainly plenty of truth in the aphorism which states “work smarter, not harder.”

To this end, there are plenty of ways to workout and stay in shape that does not involve pushing your body to its physical limits.

Instead, by focusing on certain movements, positions, or other biomechanical variables, you can achieve many of the same results if not better as if you were simply pushing yourself as hard as you could go.

While there are plenty of options to choose from, one of the more popular and scientifically sound methods of intelligently getting in shape is the practice of yoga.

Drawing from millennia of knowledge and wisdom, this ancient Southeast Asian practice provides arguably the ideal way to get in shape.

That said, the practice of yoga is not some simple monolith but a multifaceted gem with numerous philosophies and approaches?many of which are not even technically rooted in physiological theory, though they all will provide some benefit to your health.

Still, if your goal is to lose weight, then there definitely are some forms of yoga which are definitely better suited to help you burn fat and lose weight as opposed to others.

One such form of yoga that makes such a claim is Zoe Bray Cotton’s trademarked Yoga Burn program which is explicitly designed to burn fat faster than most other forms on the market?or so it claims.

But considering the practice has had no serious studies conducted on it, some people have suggested in yoga burn DVD reviews that the claims made are not legitimate. As such, we aim to answer whether or not Zoe’s program is simply a Yoga Burn Scam.


Can be done in comfort of your own home
Uses a progressive method of difficulty
Sustainable sourcing of materials
Is designed to help burn fat
Includes, but does not require, a holistic approach
Designed for women
Numerous specialized programs


Does not provide individual instruction
Does not have a true “beginner” level


  • Convenience
  • Progressive
  • Targeted
  • Holistic
  • Specialized


The purchase of this program includes either a 2-disc DVD set as well as access to a digital download, though you can get a better deal buying in bulk.

Regardless, it is important to note that the only things you will receive with your purchase are the actual programs?unlike some other yoga programs which may include charts, pamphlets, or other additional literature and features.

That said, this should not be much of an issue since you do not need anything more than the DVDs or digital copy to perform the program.

Still, there are plenty of features and benefits that this yoga program provides when compared to competitors.


By far one of the best qualities of this yoga program is its convenience, keeping in mind that it will still require some accommodation.

That said, there is still no getting around the fact that it is far more comfortable to go through a yoga program in the comfort of your own home than it is to go to a studio in the public.

Aside from the fact that using this yoga program means you no longer need to travel just to engage in your yoga program,

it also means that you do not have to worry about doing yoga in front of other people?whether this is a benefit because you no longer have to worry about any insecurities or because you no longer have to deal with the less than pleasant conditions expected from most workout studios.

Another convenience of this yoga program is that you do not have to worry about keeping up with the instructor as it is a simple matter of jumping back a half minute to have Zoe explain the pose and routine again?on top of that, the program was made with this dynamic in mind, and as such, Zoe will often repeat her instructions or provide helpful insights to make following her instructions easier.


One of the biggest issues with yoga programs?actually, with all types of working out for the most part?is that once you have mastered the program, it is quite easy to become bored.

In order to quell this issue for as long as possible, Zoe made sure that her program includes numerous levels of difficulty so you can continue to challenge yourself as you improve and learn the routine.

That said, it is worth noting that even the beginner stage of Mrs. Cotton’s yoga program is a bit more advanced than most of the traditional beginner stages of a yogic practice.

Regardless, this yoga program actually comes with 3 different levels of difficulty that are not only more challenging but are actually integrated progressions within the yoga program altogether.

What this means is that the same elements of the beginner routine will be included in the intermediate and advanced routines, so you do not have to worry about learning an entirely new routine once it comes time to progress to the next level of difficulty.


Another great benefit of Zoe’s yoga program is that regardless of the level of difficulty you practice, the various poses and transitions are all designed to maximize your?weight loss?benefits.

This yoga program accomplishes this in a number of ways but by far one of the most important is by ensuring that the poses of Zoe’s yoga program are almost specifically designed to increase the thermogenic effect above all other factors.

This will ultimately increase your internal body temperature, precipitating an increase in your metabolism.

One of the primary methods that Zoe’s yoga program uses to accomplish this is by focusing on poses and transitions that work the core muscles more so than any other group.

That said, the targeting of this toga program does not merely end at providing increased thermogenic results compared to other programs as the poses and transitions are also designed to tone your muscles and help shape your body.


While this feature may or may not necessarily be relevant to what you are looking for, should you choose to engage in this aspect of Zoe’s yoga program, then you can expect to see some additional health benefits beyond those that you would otherwise expect.

For instance, one of the biggest draws of yoga, in general, is that it has been scientifically shown to help reduce your stress levels and shift your nervous system from the fight or flight response to a relaxation response.

While there are actually plenty of other holistic practices that are included with traditional yoga practices, Mrs. Cotton focuses on those which can be verified and makes it a point to include breathwork?another practice that has shown physiological benefits in a clinical setting.

? “Who is Zoe Bray Cotton??

Mrs. Cotton is a professional yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga for over a decade, and in that time, Zoe discovered some things about the practice.

One of the main things she discovered was that people were expecting more from traditional yoga than perhaps it was designed to accommodate.

As such, Zoe worked hard to develop her own program that would provide more focused weight loss benefits to best serve her students.

Of course, once word got out that Zoe had developed this new type of yoga designed to help you lose weight above all else, people the world over began to fly her out for private instructions.

This left her original students still back in Zoe’s studio in NYC left wanting their instruction without access to their instructor.

Then, one of Zoe’s students had a great idea: why does she not simply record her instructions for them to practice while Cotton is away at private instructionals.

From these humble origins, Zoe’s program was first developed, and since then Mrs. Cotton has focused on improving and diversifying her program for virtually every walk of life?though it is focused on women in particular.

Product Summary

As we can see, the program that Zoe Cotton has devised is not at all a Yoga Burn Scam, assuming you do the actual work and completely.

For instance, if follow the program and make sure to get plenty of restful sleep but do not properly moderate your diet, then this program is likely only going to deliver modest benefits?something to keep in mind when looking through negative yoga burn DVD reviews.

That said, this does not mean that Zoe’s program is a scam as much as the participant did not properly engage with the program to get the desired results.

If instead, you choose to include this program as part of a larger weight loss program, then it will only be a matter of time before you begin to see the weight loss effects and feel a general sense of health and well-being.

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